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In these days when some people claim that reform in education cannot come from educators, Globalyceum bucks the trend. Our team of experienced educators, software engineers, animators, researchers, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are creating cutting-edge products that balance education and technology.

The journey began with Pat Don, a seasoned veteran of secondary and higher education. Near the end of her career as a professor of History and Social Science Teacher Education at San Jose State University, she wanted to act on her belief that far too many instructors have no way to efficiently access curricular resources that will help them develop teaching practices most appropriate for the range of students in the higher education system today.

In June 2012, Pat founded Globalyceum. Her team’s mission was to develop a variety of curricular resources–texts, lectures, problems, composition workshops, assessments, and, eventually, games and research training–that maximized the use of today’s technology in educationally significant ways. The price of a student subscription would be well below that of a typical textbook. Finally, Globalyceum would become a highly portable learning management system for one’s own curriculum, but also for sharing with other professors in collaborative communities.







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