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Political Ideology

  • Essay: Riding the Donkey from Jefferson to Obama

African American Studies

  • Problem: African and African American Music
  • Lecture: William Lloyd Garrison and The Liberator
  • Essay: The Nation of Islam’s Economic Program under the Leadership of Elijah Muhammad, 1934-74


  • Essay: Water and the West
  • Essay: Air Pollution for Profit: How the Lack of Environmental Regulation Endangers our Health

Criminal Justice

  • Essay: Decreasing Youth Violence in Juvenile Facilities

World History

  • Lecture Slide List: Civilizing Warfare and the Geneva Convention, 1929

Economic History and Theory

  • Lecture Slide List: Dollar Democracy and the Disappearing Middle Class
  • Essay: Brexit: The Vote for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union

Presidential History

  • Lecture Slide List: President Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation, 1862

Military History and Government

  • Essay: Japanese and US Exchange of Civilians during World War II (1942-43)
  • Essay: The Last of the Confederacy in Louisiana, 1864-65


  • Essay: Psychological Barriers to Voting
  • Essay: Why are there Midterm Elections in the United States?
  • Lecture Slide List: The Contested 2000 Presidential Election: What Happened in Florida?

Local History and Government

  • Essay: The United States Military Occupation of Matamores, Mexico, 1846-48
  • Lecture Slide List: Irregulars: Guerilla and Ranchero Warfare in South Texas and Northern Mexico during Mexican American War

Ethnicities in History and Government

  • Essay: Native American Terminatination, Relocation, Activism in Post-War Years
  • Problem: Ethnic Manifestos, 1966-1972

Women in History and Government

  • Essay: Public Women, Local Library: The Campbell Free Library, 1905-23
  • Essay: The Forgotten Woman of the American West, 1860-1920
  • Essay: East Tennessee Bridge Burning, 1861
  • Essay: Black Feminism
  • Essay: Christian Feminism: Church Women United in the 1960’s
  • Essay: The American Nurses Association Embraces Feminism
  • Lecture Slide List: The New Woman, 1860-1920
  • Suite on Women in Government and Politics by Kathleen Dolan
    • Essay: Women and the US Constitution
    • Essay: Women’s Representation in the American States
    • Essay: Gender in American Election
    • Lecture Slide List: The Conservative Women’s Movement
    • Lecture Slide List: Do Women’s Movement
    • Problem: Women and the Presidency
    • Problem: Women and the Courts
    • Problem: The Impact of Domestic Policy Decisions on Women’s Lives

State Governments

  • Lecture Slide List: The Florida Constitution Amendment Process in Historical Context
  • Suite on California Government
    • Core Essay: California Government
    • Topical Essay: California Voters: Knowledge, Misinformation, and Consequences
    • Problem: Six Californias
    • Response: How Will You Balance California’s Budget?
    • Response: Do California Legislators Look Like You?







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