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Texas Government

Table of Contents


Unit Components Explained

Globalyceum’s Texas Government by Jennifer Danley Scott was specially designed for professors who may have solid American Government background but may not have much expertise in Texas Government.  Yet you have been assigned to teach a Texas Government class and need to get ready. It is difficult to teach an interesting class and get up to speed on the subject. Scott has worked with many such professors and has put together a great classroom package to make the teaching of Texas Government easier for you and more interesting and fun for your students.


  • Readings are clear and concise, tailored to freshman and sophomore student reading levels, as well as reading chunked and well-illustrated for better understanding..
  • They are accompanied by question banks of 24 questions rated at four difficulty levels so that you can tailor quizzes to student ability levels.  There is a one-to-one correspondence of each question to the key terms and phrases located at intervals in the text to encourage student study skills. You can select the difficulty level of your quizzes.
  • In addition to the digital text, we include at no additional charge a digital primary source manual with 18 active learning lessons, one to three for each week of your class. Activities include a context-building background, primary source or data, Analyze the Evidence activity, and critical thinking quiz poll for the classroom or at-home critical thinking quiz about the activity.  The activities are designed
    • To promote in-depth study of critical as well as chronic issues for Texas
    • To align with SLOs (student learning objectives) for the Foundational Component Area of Political Science and Government.
  • Professor Scott is also building a poll bank of 24 polls that you can use in class to engage students in discussions of the issues presented in the chapters.
  • And if you want to develop and customize your own active learning lessons, Globalyceum also has question-, poll-, and discussion board-making functionalities.


Overview of Texas Government

Chapter 1: History and Culture of Texas

Reading: History and Culture of Texas

  • The Road to Statehood
  • Republic and Statehood
  • Political Culture


  • Demographics and Ethnicities
  • Urban vs. Rural
  • New Arrivals


Chapter 2: Constitutions

Reading: Constitutions

  • State Constitutions
  • First Five Constitutions
  • The Current Constitution


  • Sam Houston and the Texas Unionists
  • Amendments Big and Small in the 1876 Constitution


Chapter 3: Local Government

Reading: Local Government

  • Texas Counties
  • Texas Municipalities
  • Special Districts


  • Gentrification and East Austin
  • Disappearing Open Spaces and Houston


Chapter 4: Legislature

Reading: Legislature

  • Representatives and Districts
  • Organization of the Legislature
  • Legislative Process


  • Where’s the Pork?: Cutting the Texas Budget
  • Your Place in the Texas Government


Chapter 5: Executive

Reading: Executive

  • Roles of the Governor
  • Limits and Informal Powers of the Executive
  • Requirements, Terms, and Removal


Weak Texas Governor?


Chapter 6: Bureaucracy

Reading: Bureaucracy

  • Features of the Bureaucracy
  • The Big Four (Cabinet Positions)
  • Other Commissions in the Plural Executive


  • The Size of the Texas Bureaucracy


Chapter 7: Judiciary

Reading: Judiciary

  • Understanding Jurisdictions
  • Details of the Texas Courts
  • Judicial Requirements and Selection


  • Texas Justice and Exonerations
  • On Death Row


Chapter 8: Political Parties, Elections, and Campaigning

Reading: Political Parties, Elections, and Campaigning

  • Political Parties
  • Elections
  • Campaigns and Money


  • Texas Census 2020


Chapter 9: Redistricting, Gerrymandering, and Voting

Reading: Redistricting, Gerrymandering, and Voting

  • Redistricting
  • Gerrymandering
  • Voting in Texas


  • Registering, Voting, and Politics in Texas


Chapter 10: Interest Groups

Reading: Interest Groups

  • Interest Groups
  • Types of Interest Groups
  • How Interest Groups Work


  • The Oil Boom and West Texas


Chapter 11: State and Local Finance

Reading: State and Local Finance

  • State Taxes and the State Budget
  • The State Budget
  • Local Taxes and Local Budgets


  • Texas Taxes: Who Pays?


Chapter 12: Policymaking

Reading: Policymaking

  • Policy Cycle
  • Social Policy
  • Texas-Sized Challenges and Issues


  • The Texas Miracle?








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