Table of Contents for Women’s History


Women’s History

Table of Contents


Unit Components Explained

  • Readings: Digital essays of 10-12 pages each, reinforced with audio, video, animation, and primary sources.
  • Activities: Primary source or data-driven problem. Includes a context-building background section.  Includes several assessment options, including an analytical activity, free response poll, and quiz poll to generate classroom or online discussion.  At-home activity quiz also available.

Assessment items on these pages are reviewable on the site.


Overview of Women’s History, by Patricia Evridge Hill, San Jose State University


Chapter 1: Colonial Women, 1607-1750, by Tatiana Irwin, College of San Mateo

  • Reading: Colonial Women, 1607-1750
  • Activity: John White and the Vision of the New World
  • Activity: European Views of Native American Women
  • Activity: Why do Women figure so prominently in Witchcraft Trials?
  • Activity: The Trial of Anne Hutchinson
  • Activity: Devils in the New World
  • Video Library


Chapter 2: Revolutionary Mothers and Republican Motherhood, 1750-1800, by Emily Tiepe, Fullerton College

  • Reading: Revolutionary Mothers and Republican Motherhood, 1750-1800
  • Activity: Medicine and Women in the 18th Century
  • Activity: Women’s Education and Republican Motherhood
  • Video Library


Chapter 3: Women and the Antebellum Reform Movements, 1800-1860, by Erin Miller, Bakersfield College

  • Reading: Women and Antebellum Reform Movements, 1800-1860
  • Activity: Horace Mann and Education
  • Activity: Measuring Alcoholism
  • Video Library


Chapter 4: The Struggle for Women’s Suffrage, 1848-1920, by Eva Mo, Modesto Junior College

  • Reading: The Struggle for Women’s Suffrage, 1848-1920
  • Activity: The Women’s Suffrage Movement and the West
  • Activity: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the AERA
  • Video Library


Chapter 5: Women of the West and South, 1866-1920, by Patricia Evridge Hill, San Jose State University

  • Reading: Women of the South and West, 1866-1920
  • Activity: Slave Recollections in the Federal Writers’ Project
  • Activity: The Richmond Bread Riots
  • Video Library


Chapter 6: Women at Work, 1870-1940, by Allison Hepler, University of Maine, Farmington

  • Reading: Women at Work, 1870-1940
  • Activity: The Psychological Effect of the Great Depression
  • Activity: Dorothea Lange and the Hispanic Farmworkers
  • Activity: Ethnic Enclaves and Jane Addams
  • Activity: Letters to the Roosevelts
  • Video Library


Chapter 7: Women at War and Peace, 1914-1960, by Gabrielle Goldberg, New York University

  • Reading: Women at War and Peace, 1914-1960
  • Activity: Women and the Homefront
  • Activity: Patriotic Music
  • Activity: Was the flapper a feminist?
  • Video Library


Chapter 8: Modern Feminism, 1960-present, by Christine Eubanks, Bergen College

  • Reading: Modern Feminism, 1960-present (late August 2019)
  • Activity: Title IX and Women’s Sports
  • Activity: The Gender Gap and Voting
  • Activity: The Living Wage Movement
  • Activity: Bill Clinton’s Welfare Reform Speech, 1995
  • Activity: The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
  • Activity: Sexual Harassment and Anita Hill
  • Activity: Gender, Age, and Voting
  • Activity: Women in Congress, 1917-2011
  • Activity: Rapid Social Change and the LGBT Community
  • Video Library

Possible Scholar’s Mart Items (Items on these pages are reviewable on the site)

Women in Government and Politics Suite ($5)

Public Women, Local Library ($2)

The Forgotten Women of the West  ($2)

The New Woman, 1860-1920 ($2)

First Ladies ($2)

Christian Feminism ($2)

Black Feminism ($2)

The American Nurses Association embraces Feminism ($2)

Radicalization of Feminism  ($2)







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