World History

The World History platform includes interrelated and diverse content from before 1200 BCE to present. Each of the 16 single-authored units features a core essay, topical essays, primary source problems, a multimedia library, question banks, polling, and composition assignments. The individual units are comparable to a chapter in a textbook but, unlike textbooks, you control which items are given to your students. Our content is designed to live alongside your own teaching materials so you can create a unique active learning-based program of study.

  • world-history_0008_unit-01-fagan

    Brian Fagan
    University of California, Santa Barbara
    Prehistory to Civilizations, Before 1200 BCE

  • world-history_0007_layer-0-copy-3

    Jonathan Roth
    San Jose State University
    The Classical West, 1200 BCE-200 CE

  • world-history_0006_unit-04-tackett

    Nicholas Tackett
    University of California, Berkeley
    The Late Antique East, 200-1000 CE

  • world-history_0005_unit-05-whatley

    Conor Whately
    University of Winnipeg
    The Late Antique West, 200 CE–1000 CE

  • world-history_0009_unit-07-andrea

    Alfred Andrea
    University of Vermont
    The Crossroads of the Middle East and South Asia, 700-1500

  • world-history_0010_unit-08-madden

    Thomas Madden
    St. Louis University
    The Medieval West, 1000-1500

  • world-history_0004_unit-09-hammond

    Ken Hammond
    New Mexico State University
    The East, 1300-1700

  • world-history_0003_unit-11-clark

    James Clark
    American Institute of Iranian Studies
    The Middle East and South Asia, 1500-1900

  • world-history_0002_unit-14-radcliff

    Pamela Radcliff
    University of California, Berkeley
    World Wars and Decolonization, 1900-45

  • world-history_0001_unit-15-sibley

    Katherine A.S. Sibley
    St. Joseph’s University
    The Bipolar World and Its Demise, 1945-present

  • world-history_0000_unit-16-steger

    Manfred Steger
    University of Hawaii, Manoa
    Globalization in the 20th and 21st Centuries

  • world-history_0008_unit-01-fagan

    Brian Fagan
    University of California, Santa Barbara
    Beyond Eurasia. Beginnings to 1500 CE


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